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Aug 112011


I woke at 5am & found an exciting email so I logged in & dealt with it, then returned to bed for another hour. I made myself a real breakfast & sat down to eat it but still arrived at school on time.  Today we worked until after 3pm. The last section was in Teams, this time created by the Teacher. Interesting.

Time Out Hour

Due to arriving home later I did not do this today. I have however noticed an improvement in the stress levels I have been placing upon myself with regard to the things I feel I need to get done, away from the computer.Therefore I would say that so far the experiment has been a success. I will continue it & review in a week or so.


Do you use twitter?  I joined Twitter on 5 January 2009, now have made almost 25,000 tweets. It is a great real-time way to communicate with people around the world. Twitter has just removed his old style., so that now only new twitter can be used. Some people are not happy, I am sure a lot of people are not happy. Read the opinions of 2.

My weekend has now begun…& Wednesday is Ekka Day so only one day of school next week.



Feb 122011

…just over two weeks ago in the middle of the night, I noticed twitter was running fast with a lot of messages not in english. I wondered what was going on.

Now we know: Egypt.

“On the 25th of January, the internet generation, our generation, said enough!”

“Egyptians took to the streets from all walks of life — men, women, Muslims and Christians, old and young, rich and poor.

“All of them hand in hand, wanting their freedom. They wanted their dignity back. The Egyptian people led by the youth.”

“And the best, most eloquent, articulate speeches that came out of Egypt were in the form of 140 characters.” (via Twitter)

Egypt celebrates

Jan 222011

…in a strange twist #bakedrelief food was delivered to the workers at Drift,

Brisbane’s beautiful iconic restaurant.

Many of us had watched in horror as the Drift Jetty floated down river and crashed into a bridge.

This is the message on the Drift website:if you can’t read it click here

this is a wonderfully optimistic message from David. I met him today & that spirit of optimism was very much present.

As I walked through the under-Coronation Drive walkway (who knew it was there?) I felt like I was beneath the Paris Opera & Christine would appear any moment in a boat with the Phantom whisking her away…

it was eery & smelly

I for one, look forward to the re opening of this beautiful place.

to help feed flood victims & those helping clean up join Twitter

& use the hashtag #bakedrelief.

check out some media reports here

Nov 132010


After a world-wide assault by the users of both Twitter & Facebook, Amazon has come to their senses, somewhat late, but at least now, and withdrawn the self-published electronic book The Paedophile’s Guide to Love & Pleasure…written by Philip Greaves, a former nurse’s aide.

(I cannot imagne why anyone would write such a book)

Amazon has declined to elaborate on what checks it runs on such materials, although guidelines on its website forbid “pornography and hardcore material that depicts graphic sexual acts” and state that the company reserves the right to determine “the appropriateness of titles sold on our sites”.

read more here


and here

It is to be hoped that Amazon will review their policy and tighten it. Or narrow it. Take your pick.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of this unofficial campaign.

Not matter what nation we are in, when we, the people speak…we can have incredible power.

Nov 022010


so is social media more powerful than regular media


did you know before social-media we didn’t start sentences with the word so?

see more signs here

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