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Mar 142011

I read an online report (but I forgot to keep it or the link) about the natural disasters of the

last 72 days.

It was from an Australian point of view.

Queensland rains, floods, the inland tsunami, Brisbane flood, more rain

cyclones especially Yasi that hit the Coast around Tully south of Cairns,

the earthquake in Christchurch. And now Japan: the earthquake, the tsunami

which may have been more than one. Now the nuclear risks

it’s all very depressing. Or it could be. We need to remain informed but not be overwhelmed.

(On Friday when I 1st hear the Japan news, my 1st through was oh no I’m not ready for the next thing, and my 2nd thought was I better get ready.)

I then made a plan for coping carefully.

We need to think carefully about how much TV coverage we watch, Especially where there are children in our homes. But not just for them. For us.

Yes, we do need to remain informed, right now as I type the TV station show has been interrupted with a  news flash: another tsunami is about to hit, (now cancelled) and there are reports

of another explosion at the nuclear plant – reactor number 3 – at Fukushima. Live CNN coverage. Dr Sanjay Gupta is on site.

I will watch a little longer then I will turn it off.

Lets look at some ways we can protect ourselves from emotional inundation

from all the bad – sad, heart-breaking news.

  • Turn off the TV, or change to station with limited or no news. Perhaps a movie. A light comedy, a romance. Not war, or disaster.
  • Watch a DVD
  • Play some music you love.
  • Cook while the music is on.
  • Go for a walk. Take your charged up mobile/cell phone, look at the beauty of nature.
  • Call a friend. Talk about happy stuff.
  • Read a lovely story to your children.
  • Plan a special dinner for your family. Food they love, a beautiful, creative of fun table theme, candles, music.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Tidy your home. Working with something you can control often eases anxiety about things we cannot control.

In other words walk away from all forms of media.

If you cannot leave your computer, log out of twitter, maybe even Facebook etc. Don’t click on the news links friends may post. Shut down the news sites.

Fast Tube by Casper

How are you coping? What is working for you?

love ya all





Nov 132010


After a world-wide assault by the users of both Twitter & Facebook, Amazon has come to their senses, somewhat late, but at least now, and withdrawn the self-published electronic book The Paedophile’s Guide to Love & Pleasure…written by Philip Greaves, a former nurse’s aide.

(I cannot imagne why anyone would write such a book)

Amazon has declined to elaborate on what checks it runs on such materials, although guidelines on its website forbid “pornography and hardcore material that depicts graphic sexual acts” and state that the company reserves the right to determine “the appropriateness of titles sold on our sites”.

read more here


and here

It is to be hoped that Amazon will review their policy and tighten it. Or narrow it. Take your pick.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of this unofficial campaign.

Not matter what nation we are in, when we, the people speak…we can have incredible power.

Nov 072010


Many of you read A-Ms blog & many have been surprised at Saturday’s message.

As one of A-Ms friends,  I am asking for your prayers/good vibes/chants/bell-ringing/oms etc on her & her families behalf.

Don’t ask me why, I’m not sharing confidences.

Please visit A-Ms blog deposit your love & care in a comment.

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