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Sep 062011

A few hours ago:

I picked up a lovely one of these

and some crisp green broccoli. I was thinking I’d make a potato bake but then saw these vegetables so I have decided to combine them all into one au gratin. The left overs will be great for a school lunch tomorrow.

A few days ago:

Breakfast on the balcony looked like this

The family BBQ, also on the balcony was a great success, including wonderful weather. 

Right now.

The weather in this season is wonderful. Ideal you may say. I noticed blossoms on the trees & Spring has definitely arrived. If the seasonal rains hold a while longer I for one will be happy.  How about you?

Aug 172011


What a treat, a public holiday – on one of my school days – here in s SE QLD for EKKA ….Scurried around and out of the house onto very quiet roads. Had a good 2 hours learning-computer things, interspersed with cuddles from Miss 6, Miss 3, cute smiles of Mr 14 months and much general laughter. None the less I learned a lot of things.


Off to the local Korean Restaurant for a truly delicious lunch.This time I ate

number 19, served in a piping hot stone bowl. The rice base continues to cook and forms a crunchy base. There was also

a vegetable Korean pancake. 


A long afternoon nap, ideal on a gray public holiday and ice cream in the freezer. Perfeck.


Aug 082011

A great weekend. The West End market with family. Yummy food, fresh food, creative food & great prices. The we went to Dello Mano’s Brownie heaven. A post market luncheon, a nap (gotta love a saturday arvo nap) dinner out Sunday was a slow start, brekkie on the balcony basking in the in the Brisbane winter sun. Then a special family afternoon. Joshua Matthew was named. I was on the receiving end of lots of  hugs & kisses (& I gave a whole lot let me tell you) from ♥Miss 9, Miss 7, Miss 6 , Miss 3 & Miss 3 (yes there are 2 of them at the moment) Mr 1 and The Man of the Day Mr 2 months. ♥ Of course these children have parents that I love. It was also great to catch up with old friends. A wonderful dinner & home to bed. Tired but happy.

A review of Jaime’s 3 Minute Meals is up at A String of Pearls. Written by a busy young mum, this great new ay of cooking is reviews in terms of the doing & the eating. The meals are eaten by a hungry husband & 3 young children. Yes, a real hands on test run. The result? Hop over and read what Sabrina has to say. There is a link to her blog where she writes about her cooking.

Jul 312011

There is a beautiful day out there. Blue sky, sunshine, fresh air, birds singing, just enough breeze to move the leaves ever so slightly… a wistful kind of day. A Jane Austen walk a country lane kind of day.

I am, however in here. And I shall be here all day.

When I was 15 I had a silly accident. It seemed a small thing. But not long after I needed surgery. I had already left school & was working. Actually I think it was on my way to my 1st job, but not the 1st day. I don’t recall how long I was off work. I do recall a few years later there was a flare up of the pain, & a great deal of distress for me,  as I tried to explain that my legs felt like the bone was crumbling. It seems my legs have been an issue all my life. I was sent to ballet, though I never felt sent, I thought I was there because I wanted to be. I did want to be. It was decades later that I found it to be otherwise. I danced from age 4 1/2 to 15 when I fell in a car park. I danced seriously. I did formal examinations. I still have the result cards. I learned the traditional Royal Academy style of ballet. I had long hair. But I also had headaches. When I was 7 ‘they’ instructed my mother to have my hair cut short. (They being Doctors) I was heart-broken but I didn’t recall the heartbreak until decades later.  I had wanted to be a ballerina. I was a ballet student. But now I had short hair….so I gave up ballet, but the love was still there, so I returned. After the surgery I set about killing the love of it. This was tough going. At 16 I wanted to go see Nureyev dance but my mother told me the ticket was expensive beyond my means. (It was more than one weeks pay for me, back when I was 16) I didn’t go. I added the feelings of not going to see him dance to my this is not meant to be attitude. And worked harder to kill my love of ballet. My mother gave me 2 videos of him dancing. I exchanged them for other films.

These things come to mind as I sit inside, my legs up resting painful joints and limbs. As I smell the deep heat & comes to grips with the disappointment of today. I am not where I want to be. Again. I reflect upon the time & energy to kill that love, which I can acknowledge is not totally dead. I can watch without the sorrow now. But also without the deep joy. Though to be fair, there was unexpected delight in seeing Miss 9 & Miss 7 take ballet classes. And the wonderful experience of taking them to The Nutcracker last December…those experiences revealed niches in my heart hitherto unknown to me. In them was my little-girl love & passion for dance. Unexpectedly these other little girls healed me, through their delight.

I freely acknowledge that the detours my life has taken due to the accident, have been rich & rewarding. They taught me that detours were not, and are not 2nd best. A lesson I needed for when an even greater detour would be required.

I think of all these things today, here inside, resting. I think of them because yet again I have had a bad haircut experience. Oh, the cut is great. Well done. But yet again I had confirmed that hairdressers do not listen. Except to themselves.I am not traumatised this time. Just annoyed. And grateful for fast growing hair. Which was not the cause of the headaches. It was 17 more years before I knew what was causing the headaches. Then came a detour that was to be my life’s path.






Jun 252011

Isnt that a great title? Sadly, it’s not mine, it belongs to

Jessica Northey, SocialMediologist
(Social=Friendly, Media=Form of Communication, Ology=Study Of)

Jessica writes ‘I decided to reach out to my online community and ask…what are your favorite childhood memories?….I got some amazing responses…’

Now I am heading into winter down here, not some long glorious summer.

Yet I made it into Jessica’s list. Apart from going to read what I share, do check out Jessica’s great business.

Jun 212011

Tomorrow (down here) it will be 22nd June, the winter solstice.

When I was a little  kid

see em all

every solstice and equinox my father would ask me

What is today?

I would sigh and never know.

After a few a few years I began to recall the words.

If I got the answer wrong, I only had to make one more guess.

In time I began to remember which belonged to which season.

So that eventually I could get the answer right.

Dad loved it when I got it right.

I loved that he loved that.

On 21st someone (yes, you know who you are)

posted on Twitter about the 22nd being the shortest day

down here. And all the memories flooded back…

sweet memories. love you dad. miss you.

May 142011

This is Linked up with Seven Cherubs Naomi

she invited us to record daily an attitude of gratitude for one month

Naomi called this the HAPPINESS JOURNAL challenge. read more enteries here

10th April:

I am grateful my friend arrived safely from Melbourne, and that I was well, and able to drive to the right airport to collect her.

11th April

I am grateful to live in a country where so many fresh foods are readily available.

12th April

I’m grateful for Paris mementoes;  as well as sunshine, in this beautiful city.

13th April

I’m grateful for eyes that can see the beauty of the world, and  ears to hear music. (went to Sunshine Coast market today)

14th April

Grateful for friend’s who are honest enough to say I hate that (about something I was wearing; which I have stopped wearing)

15th April

Grateful my son and his daughters came for lunch.

16th April

Grateful for free enterprise that allows things like West End market to exist and flourish1

17th April

Grateful for sleep.

18th April

Grateful for modern medication: it worked quickly allowing us to go to a family lunch at  the new Korean restaurant

19th April

For serenity. (home alone)

20th April

For a clear mind,be able to think things through: planning etc

21st April

To have met new Inspiring People.

22nd April

Unexpected visitors, fabulous food, fun & technological assistance. (AND the hugs of little people)

23rd April

My car and what I can do because I have it, & learnt to drive.

24th April

The Blessings of Easter.

25th April

The ANZACs and the freedom they gave us.

26th April

Great books from free community Libraries.



28th April

Good health with great BP. I thought how great it wad doing this Happiness Journal, & whispered a little thank-you to Naomi.

29th April

Time with my cousins watching the wedding but knowing there is a better way

30th April

The ability to make wise decsions. Regardless.

1st May

Insights gained, aha moments, bringing about a re-learning of priorities (slow down girl you move to fast)

2nd May

Deeply Grateful to have an appreciation for the value of life

3rd May

Understanding that learning is an ongoing process. Today I learned a new skill.

4th May

Hug from Surgeon. 11 years. A fabulous sense of health, freedom & independence.

5th May

Feeling like I belong at the writers group. Knowing I do.

6th May

being warm and delighting in cleaning my home

7th May

Beautiful Buildings at Pia’s Book launch today. (There is a post on this coming soon)

8th May

Delightful Mothers Day Phone call.

9th May

I edited my writing and wrote my Heart Foundation Presentation

10th May

Delightful experience meeting new people. Receiving flowers.

Apr 242011

Yes it is Easter Sunday.

What do you think of today?

Chocolate. Bunnies. Hot cross buns. and other goodies.

You already know I don’t eat chocolate. So no bunnies for me.

Family gatherings for special meals.

For me mostly I think about,

Jesus. He lives. And therefore so will we.

Next in importance For Me, it is the anniversary of my mother’s death.

a poignant moment in my life.

See the link? (not an internet link, an old fashioned link: a connection)

Not a day goes by but I think of her, recall something she said, see something she would not like.Or she somehting she would like. Like these, today in my garden.


Dec 272010


My mother would have been 85 today.

If she was here we might have used her Royal Prince Albert tea set (which her 1st granddaughter now has)

She especially liked high tea

image from here

Mum loved fresh flowers & so I am sure she would have loved this vase

from Tiffany & Co

Happy Birthday Mum, I love you. I miss you.


Dec 192010


Yesterday, a new Christmas tradition commenced. I took Miss 8 & her sister, Miss 6

(locally, I have another Miss 6, & 2 Miss 3s, & a Mr 7 months)

to the Queensland Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker.

Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ takes audiences on a journey with young Clara into a dream world where toy soldiers battle with enormous rats and beauty, courage and chivalry triumph.

The Stahlbaum family’s Christmas celebrations set the scene for magician Drosselmeyer to weave his magic spells so that Clara meets fantastical characters, including a Prince, a Snow Fairy and dancers from across the world.

Tchaikovsky’s score was performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Queensland Ballet’s Principal Guest Conductor, Andrew Mogreli.

I asked the girls if they would like to attend a live theatre production each year, and the responded with an enthusiastic yes!  2011 will be a Nutcracker-free year.

By 2012 I may be able to take the then Miss 10, the 2 Miss’ 8 & 2 Miss’ 5.

This post is part of Sweet Jeanette’s ‘Very Merry Christmas Party’ Link-up.V

Visit here to see more & also read my Summer-time Christmas Guest Post

Dec 152010


Today I am the Guest Post Writer over on the SweetJeanette blog. Click here to visit my Post; leave a comment there, or here, for us.

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