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Feb 172012

Hmm How far back do I need to go – looks like a few weeks.  I received a lovely email saying I was missed especially from here as this is where the sender keeps up with what I am doing and how I am. I was touched, quite moved. ♥

I am quite well now, the pleurisy and pneumonia are well behind me. And may they stay there forever.

I am striving to get back into the photo challenges I do, and publish here.

A String of Pearls is going really well. Keeping me busy. Did you meet and greet my new team Writer, Kylie? 

I am beginning to plan a trip to Melbourne, with a day trip to Bendigo for the Princess Grace exhibition up there. Ok Melbourne April/May needs to be unseasonably mild. Please.

I am hoping to interview a few Entrapenurial Women while I am down there.  Actually they are the reason for the trip.

Grace is a fringe benefit.

Do you know a woman who has launched her business in the last 12 months? Who is well under way following her dream?

Yes yes yes I am on Pinterest.com. Email me if you need an invite. Or tweet me, or leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you one and not publish the comment. ok? Cool, go do….

Of course I l♥ve it.

Yesterday a man followed me on there. One I know, so that was ok. I don’t know how many guys are on there but there are a whole lot of women, and you ought to be there.

Read Fall in love with Pinterest

I’ve made some changes in my life, I will write about them soon. I’m craving a cat again, but there are chickens out the back so no go. 4 chickens in a chalet, now where are those photos?

I had 2 overseas students stay a week, they were only 11. Let’s just say I am asking myself  if I am beyond Homestaying now, or if I was not yet over the pneumonia.

In a week I will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon re my whizz bang new knees. Of course I am looking forward to no pain and greater abilities. But no, not to the whole hospital thing. This requires a great deal of thinking through. Ya know I’ve been to hospital and had surgeries enough to last a life time. Right? I redid HEART FELT my story up on the top of the page, check it out.

I will be back meantime check out some of the food in my life  

Ps I am not the gardener.


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