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Dec 062012

Have you seen this cartoon on Facebook, or elsewhere? It makes me smile…however

it is more than likely that there will be a 2013.

What are you going to do with it?

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Feb 172012

Hmm How far back do I need to go – looks like a few weeks.  I received a lovely email saying I was missed especially from here as this is where the sender keeps up with what I am doing and how I am. I was touched, quite moved. ♥

I am quite well now, the pleurisy and pneumonia are well behind me. And may they stay there forever.

I am striving to get back into the photo challenges I do, and publish here.

A String of Pearls is going really well. Keeping me busy. Did you meet and greet my new team Writer, Kylie? 

I am beginning to plan a trip to Melbourne, with a day trip to Bendigo for the Princess Grace exhibition up there. Ok Melbourne April/May needs to be unseasonably mild. Please.

I am hoping to interview a few Entrapenurial Women while I am down there.  Actually they are the reason for the trip.

Grace is a fringe benefit.

Do you know a woman who has launched her business in the last 12 months? Who is well under way following her dream?

Yes yes yes I am on Pinterest.com. Email me if you need an invite. Or tweet me, or leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you one and not publish the comment. ok? Cool, go do….

Of course I l♥ve it.

Yesterday a man followed me on there. One I know, so that was ok. I don’t know how many guys are on there but there are a whole lot of women, and you ought to be there.

Read Fall in love with Pinterest

I’ve made some changes in my life, I will write about them soon. I’m craving a cat again, but there are chickens out the back so no go. 4 chickens in a chalet, now where are those photos?

I had 2 overseas students stay a week, they were only 11. Let’s just say I am asking myself  if I am beyond Homestaying now, or if I was not yet over the pneumonia.

In a week I will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon re my whizz bang new knees. Of course I am looking forward to no pain and greater abilities. But no, not to the whole hospital thing. This requires a great deal of thinking through. Ya know I’ve been to hospital and had surgeries enough to last a life time. Right? I redid HEART FELT my story up on the top of the page, check it out.

I will be back meantime check out some of the food in my life  

Ps I am not the gardener.


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Jan 292012

I have been absent from this for a few months. 1st there was shifting house, then health issues then Christmas and New Year which bought more health issues.

I have declared that to be enough for this year. I sure hope so.

Yesterday I decided that there would be fried rice for dinner

I completed the misc en plus.  This led me to delicious fried rice

I cooked it using sesame oil, adding the harder vegetables 1st. Oh I forgot

the carrots. Oh well. I cooked the vegetables and shredded diced ham until til softish then I added the rice and a sploge more oil, you know what a sploge is, don’t you?  Almost add the end I added a tablespoon of water. I plated up and drizzled some sweet chilli sauce on top. Tomorrow I will eat the left overs, with grated cheese melted on top. Sort of Italian-Chinese. I like it, that’s all that matters.

[this post might look a tad erratic. I am sitting with my feet up using a wireless keyboard and mouse with my laptop plugged into the TV using it as a very large monitor. An interesting experience. This is all to be ready for when I have my knee replacement surgeries, so I will not have to sit at my desk with my legs down. ]

check out other weekend cooks. 


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Jan 152012

I saw this posted on instagram and decided to see if I could keep up. I have missed a couple of days…but generally enjoy hunting out a shot, and peeking into everyone else’s world.


Here are the images I submitted for Something I am Reading.


And this not so much for reading as dreaming-in. It is the book on book stand at the moment.


Dec 082011

Chugg chugg chugg Firefox has become so slow. On advice I have jumped over to IE It is faster, but will there be other problems?

download IE

Meanwhile in other matters…I have learned about the

Just take 5 minutes to work on a task. Don’t try and do it all at once. Just chip away at it 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.  I have been testing this for a few days. So far, so good.

The Experiment.

Later I will be taking photographs of my Studio, which has become ‘that’ room in my new home. Yes, the room where everything gets put, dumped and shuffled into. Thus it is not very inspiring. In fact it is a total mess.  I am not in there now. No way. I have decided to apply the 5 minute rule as an experiment and document the progression.

The Goal: To completly organise The Studio.

The Deadline: 12 noon Friday 16th December 2011

The Method: The 5 minute Rule.

Wish me luck,

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Dec 042011

I have added this, my personal blog to my iPad WP list. I checked it all out and can see that I can add photographs or even video, which I suppose means You Tubes or iPhone film. Footage? Are there more contemporary words for such things or are we sticking with traditional terms?

Below, for a test run is an image from Pinterest. I can’t seem to do links on here so just put that in your browser and add dot com at the end. If it is still by invite only, come back and leave a comment with your email address and I will send you one. And not publish the comment ok?

I see I have forgotten to add a title – I don’t know that I can get back to do so. Ah learning curves; you gotta love ‘em. Right, I am about to tap Publish. Here we go…3..2..1

I found an edit button which allowed me to add the title,tags & category. The image was seriously pixelated and so I have removed it – however now I cannot get back to where the icon was to add it again. Or can I? What can you see?


Nov 192011

I needed to buy a Hoola Hoop. And a double bed mattress waterproof liner; for when small people come to sleep over.

The Liner I found scanned at over $5 less than the shelf price.  I found a lovely Hoola Hoop.

I took these to the car where I realised the time & so returned to the Mall. It’s the one with a Target store in it. Not far from where I now live.

I went back in to get something to eat.  I am a Type 2 Diabetic. The majority of the time my blood sugar readings are pretty much normal. However a long period of not eating can cause me real problems.

1:40 pm I returned to the Mall to eat something, something half way healthy. I made my way slowly (due to my knees, but that’s another post)  to Cafe T. I’d been there before.

1:50pm I waited to be served. I asked for a chicken mayo sandwich with avocado. Also a chocolate milkshake. I was asked if I wanted the sandwich toasted, I replied “no” and requested multi-grain bread.

I felt rather unwell so I sat at a nearby table.  Almost immediately the milkshake arrived.

Maybe 7 minutes later, a man in a chef’s uniform came out to tell me there was no more avocado.  I requested lettuce.

In my head I thought why don’t they walk along to the supermarket and buy some? This thought alerted me to the fact that I really really needed to eat. About now the man who had served me came & sat at the table next to me, with his sandwich.

The minutes ticked by. The chef reappeared, but only to thank the man next to me – apparently the owner – for the chance of the job. The owner assured him he’d done well, and that tomorrow would ‘be busier’.

2:10 I sipped on my milkshake.

2:15 Someone bought my sandwich to me. I picked up a piece. It was dry and hard: toasted. I leaned across to the owner and said “this is toasted, when you asked me I said I did not want it toasted”.  He agreed. (And because it was me I had taken a photo of the offending sandwich before I picked it up and noticed it was not what I ordered)

(toasted mayo – blah)

The owner took the sandwich away and then sat down again, and continued eating his.

A couple more minutes and I said to the owner, “it’s taking a long time for a sandwich”.

He went into a long-winded explanation of how small their kitchen is, and that only one person could work in it at a time. I could hear 3 voices out the back. I’ve been in professional kitchens.

Several more minutes passed and my chicken, mayo & lettuce sandwich was again bought to my table.

It looked strange. I open one-quarter. No Mayo.

I leaned across to the owner  – again – and informed him that my chicken mayo sandwich had no mayo.

With a huge sigh he walked to kitchen and came back with a plastic squeeze bottle of mayo and opened the sandwich.

with ungloved hands.

He spoke to me then saying “normally we mix the chicken into the mayo…”

It was after 2:30 as I stood and said “please don’t bother, I cannot eat that. All I wanted was a plain chicken mayo avocado sandwich on multi grain bread”.

I was now feeling seriously unwell. It was approaching an hour since I made the decision to eat.

The owner was at the counter, working out how much to refund me for the sandwich I didn’t get. I looked back at my unfinished milkshake, and asked “are you going to charge me for that”.

He began to dither and dother and I suddenly had had enough. I felt my blood sugars crashing.

2:45 I told the owner not to bother, and walk from Cafe T. With no refund.

I made my way to my car and drank some now warm bottled water. I drove to a take-away place and bought some

very fast, highly undesirable food, which I had been attempting to avoid.

It was pretty ordinary.

All I had wanted was a plain chicken & mayo sandwich on multi-grain with avacado. How difficult is that?

Apparently very….

What happened when you didn’t get what you ordered?




Nov 192011

Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall are on my TV in the old black & white movie A Big Sleep

‘ and I am here on my couch pottering around with a make-over for this my personal blog.I am just trying out a new theme. Therefore I will be hoping in and our of here, and things will change move and generally look a bit messy. Just for a while.

I am the Creator & Editor of the Ezine ‘A String of Pearls’ over there I publish articles written by women from all over the world, on all kinds of subjects.

This last week I have published articles and photographic submissions by men. ‘Men’s Week 2011′ has been very successful.

We supported Movember.

Check it out.  Subscribe. Comment. Generally let me know you were there.

Comment Luv ♥ for the Guests is always welcome.

By the way I fixed the feedburner email time issue. If you are reading this in in an email, you will have received

the email within approx. 2 hours of this publishing online.

come see the new look

then tell what you think, what you really really think.


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Nov 062011

Do you know I have moved house? And come to the end of my course of study. Sadly not the end of the course, I had to leave for medical reasons. I am now on a waiting list for a knee replacement, or 2?   This new condition which is not really new – rather exacerbated by the 24 stairs required to be climbed everyday to get to my class room – is also the reason for the change in habitat. I felt a little lost the first few days here; there seemed too many rooms, too much space and it was so far from where ever I was to where ever I needed to be. I have been living in a groovy one bedroom compact but lovely close to the city apartment. However, the lack of stairs and other benefits have helped me settle in.

I am excited my first house-guest arrives this week. Now for 2 nights not just one. I am having fun creating the Guest Room. Yes there will be photographs when it is completed. By the way have you visited ‘A String of Pearls’ to 1) subscribe and/or Sign up to the mailing list and 2) enter the worldwide $1000 GIVEAWAY that’s happening there now. Yes I meant ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. It could be yours! Before you start day dreaming hop over now.   ALSO the MOVEMBER links are up, so feel free to donate to that great cause. Men’s Week commences on 14th November.

I have started planning Christmas, have you?

Have a great week.

Oct 302011

there is a bit of this going on around here…

When I was last here I reported a mere 5 boxes to go, in terms of unpacking. Nothing has changed there are still 5 to go.  However there is a whole lot more order around here. I have had my 1st overnight Guest. I have participated in a family garden day, mostly I cooked a BBQ breakfast for the very hungry, very hard workers. Whilst out the front clearing up I came across this: he and his mates are not welcome.

See why on this new blog

I’d like to encourage you to hop over to ‘A String of Pearls’ and subscribe now, as I am soon to launch an AMAZING Giveaway… it is


I mean

H U G E!!!

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